Valentina Glockner

Valentina GlocknerValentina Glockner Fagetti, Ph.D., is a Mexican anthropologist affiliated with the Child Research Observatory at El Colegio de Sonora in Hermosillo, Mexico. She specializes in the anthropology of childhood, migration, and state-NGO relations, and currently directs and co-directs research projects funded by the National Geographic Society and the Arizona-Sonora Interuniversity Alliance. Valentina won the Mexican Academy of Sciences Award for Best Doctoral Thesis in Social Sciences and Humanities, and two of Mexico’s most prestigious awards in anthropology for her undergraduate thesis, which became a book. A founding member of Colectiva Infancias, a network of researchers specialized in social studies of children and migration in the Global South, she is also a fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies and a member of the Mexican National Research System.