Anne Haywood

Anne HaywoodAnne Haywood is a Miami-based educator and head of Mountain to Sea Education, a developer of interdisciplinary programs for students and families focused on Earth’s people and natural environments. In 2018, she was named as a National Geographic Fellow to build on work connecting K-12 teaching in classroom and outdoor settings through communications, publishing, digital tools, citizen science, and teacher training. Anne has contributed to education programs that promote understanding of and engagement with biodiversity, field-based exploration, spatial awareness and mapping, and human-environment interactions with organizations including National Geographic, the National Park Service, iNaturalist’s City Nature Challenge, Lindblad Expeditions, the Smithsonian’s eMammal project, and others, and well as teachers and schools across the United States. She has an M.A. in geography with a focus on education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.