Jamal Galves

Jamal GalvesNational Geographic Explorer Jamal Galves is a conservationist and research biologist working to conserve the endangered Antillean manatees of Belize. A 2018 National Geographic Photo Ark EDGE Fellow, Jamal is the program coordinator and research biologist with the Sea to Shore Alliance, based in Florida. In recognition of his efforts, Jamal has been named an Oceana Ocean Hero, Belize National Hero (Meritorious Service Award), and World Wildlife Fund Planet Hero. He is an alumnus of the Conservation Leadership Programme and Caribbean Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders, and was featured in World Wildlife magazine in 2015. Jamal—who grew up in the small village of Gales Point Manatee in southern Belize and has been interested in working with manatees since age 12—is completing a bachelor’s degree in natural resource management from the University of Belize.